Izmir Tehran Train Ticket

  • Adult: 130€
  • Child (2-12): 75€
  • Infant (0-2): 20€
  • Transasia Express

Izmir to Tehran by Train

Transasia Express is not running since 2019 due to Covid. Please send us an e-mail to get in to our contact list so we can update you whenever the journey re-starts.

Izmir Tehran train ride is one of the great ways to explore two countries at the same time if you have time and desire. This train trip covers more than 3,200 kilometers or 2000 miles and is an amazing opportunity to observe some of the world’s most breathtaking sceneries.

The Izmir Transasia Express route covers multiple train trips including train journeys from Izmir to Ankara and from Ankara to Tatvan, a ferry trip from Tatvan to Van, and a train journey from Van to Tehran.  Four rides in one trip are offered for you by the Transasia Express. During this train ride, you will intensely adore the spectacular surroundings of Asia and the Middle East, you will experience railroad folk and a real sense of community.

The trains wind along high-pitched mountains, timberlands, lakes, and untouched towns that is why the Transasia Express guarantees you impressive views. All trains on this route are highly comfortable and clean. At night, chairs are converted into beds which allows you to have a restful sleep. Sheets, blankets, and pillows are provided by train staff. The Izmir – Tehran trip starts at 18:00 every Tuesday and finishes in Tehran at 23:20 on Friday.

It is worth mentioning that the Transasia Express starts its journey in Ankara. However, there is an overnight train from Izmir to Ankara and we have connected that train to this route. The Blue Train departs from Izmir Basmane Railway station at 18:00 every Tuesday and arrives in Ankara Railway Station at 08:00 on Wednesday. The train is well-equipped and has pullman and 2 people capacity sleepers in it’s compartments. After you complete your booking, we will contact you to arrange a sleeper compartment for you depending on the train availability and upon your request. 


Tuesday – 18:00

Izmir Railway Station (Google Map)


Friday – 23:20

Tehran Railway Station (Google Map)

Price Includes

  • Izmir - Ankara Train Tickets
  • Ankara - Tatvan Train Tickets
  • Tatvan - Van Ferry Tickets
  • Van - Tehran Train Tickets
  • Sheet, Blanket, and Pillow
  • All Taxes

Price Excludes

  • Any Private Expenses
  • Food & Drinks

What to Expect

Izmir Transasia Express will open you to new cultural aspects of two countries – Turkey and Iran. Izmir – Tehran can be considered to be the longest path that is available now across Turkey and Iran. You will be able to discover many new places, enjoy various beautiful landscapes and meet a lot of interesting people.

Izmir – Ankara train reaches Ankara at 08:00 and it is great that you will have some time until your next train. Luckily Ankara Railway Station is very close to most popular touristic sights. You have enough time to visit most of them while waiting for your next train. Afterwards, at 14:25 you will be on board of the Transasia Express that will take you to the capital of Iran – Tehran. Both trains have couchettes that are converted into beds at the night time. Therefore, this wonderful trip consists of two train rides and one ferry and is equal to almost 3 days of incredible adventures.

Izmir Tehran Train Sights

Izmir Tehran Train offers you not only sanity but also astonishing and charming views around East Anatolia. You will see the longest river of Turkey – Kızılırmak, the Firat bridge, which was constructed on Keban Dam, Van lake and salt lake Urmia. Observing the surroundings is not the only one thing you can do onboard. You can also get to know your compartment travelers or spend time enjoying local cuisine in a dining car.

The ferry which will take you from Tatvan to Van is capable to ship 350 passengers and 40 wagons and is the largest ferry in Turkey. It will be a great experience to have a ferry ride not somewhere in Europe on the Baltic sea, for example, but in Turkey. Your ride will last 3,5 hours. Being on board, you may surely be amazed by using the epic nature and by the lake itself. Van lake is well-known for a small island named Akdamar where an old Armenian church is placed. If weather permits, you will revel in this view as well.

Izmir Transasia express is an exquisite possibility to experience the hospitality of Turkish and Iranian people at some stage of your adventure. Maybe you will not meet your compartment friends anymore, but your memories will live forever.

  • Izmir - Ankara train cars are pullmans and 2 people sleepers
  • Transasia express cars are 4 person couchette compartments
  • At the night time seats in the compartments are transformed into beds
  • Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided by the staff
  • This train journey offers amazing sceneries

Don't Forget

Izmir Transasia Express is a distinctive train journey that offers you to experience amazing emotions in two countries, Turkey and Iran. Although the Transasia Express starts in Ankara, we offer you to join this trip from Izmir. The Blue Train departs from Izmir Basmane Railway Station at 18:00 on Tuesday and arrives in Ankara at 07:00 on Wednesday. Izmir – Ankara train cars are Pullmans and 2 people capacity sleepers, after booking upon your request and upon avaliability we will arrange sleeper compartments to you. After you reach Ankara you will have approximately 6 hours of free time until the Transasia Express departs. It is an unbelievable chance for you to see most of the touristic sights as Ankara Railway Station is perfectly located nearby them.

Dining cars are available in Ankara-Tatvan and Van-Tehran train where you can try the national cuisines of both countries. There is no dining car on the train Izmir-Ankara. You can bring your own food and snacks to train as there might not be many options for you to order vegetarian or vegan meals. On the ferry, there are also some cafeterias so you will enjoy the spectacular views with a cup of Turkish tea of coffee.

Izmir Tehran Train Compartments

It ought to be mentioned that you will travel on comfortable trains and a ferry, and on the trains, you will have to share a compartment with other travelers. That is why if you would like more privacy, you should reserve all 4 seats at the compartment. There is gender segregation in Transasia Express and you can avoid it by booking all 4 seats in the compartment. All necessary bedding will be provided to you by train conductors.

Besides, you will not be able to use your credit or debit cards in Iran. You can exchange liras, euros or dollars to Iranian rials in banks or exchange offices in Izmir or Ankara. Your last opportunity to exchange money will be on the ferry on Van lake, but you should bear in mind that the rate is unlikely to be worthy.

Furthermore, you would like to download some offline maps and have mobile data on your phone as there is no WiFi on the trains and the ferry, as well as it is problematic to find WIFI spots in Tehran.

  • At the night time women and man are segregated unless you book all 4 seats in the compartment
  • Upon request we will arrange sleeper compartments to you for Izmir - Ankara train
  • Transasia express have dining car serving both traditional and global cousine
  • You are able to bring snacks & drinks to the train
  • Consuming alcohol is prohibitted after Van
  • Smoking is prohibitted in the train

There is gender segregation at the sleeping time in Transasia Express. You can avoid it by booking for 4 people and you can have a private compartment for yourself.

Izmir Tehran Train Timetable

Blue TrainIzmir – Ankara Train

You get on a night train at 18:00 on Tuesday at Izmir Basmane Railway station. It is a comfortable train with pullmans and 2 people capacity sleepers in it’s cars. There are shared toilets located at the end of the wagons. During the night, the Blue train stops in a few cities that are Manisa, Balıkesir, Kütahya, and Eskişehir. This night train arrives in Ankara at 08:00 on Wednesday.

Boarding TrainAnkara - Tatvan

The Transasia Train leaves at 14:25 on every Wednesday. As you arrive in Ankara early morning, you have plenty of time to spend on your own. You can have a breakfast, do sightseeing or exchange money if you haven’t done it before. The train conductors will make your trip enjoyable and restful. You will get all the bedding right away when you enter the train. Moreover, there is a dining car where you can have just a snack or full courses that belong to international, Turkish or Iranian cuisines. While you are on board, you will pass Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, Elazığ, and Muş. You will picturesque sceneries of Turkish villages and towns as well as Keban Dam. At last, you arrive in Tatvan Ferry Port on Thursday at 14:25.

FerryTatvan - Van

This is high time for another trip – a ferry ride. This is a new and the biggest ferry in Turkey which takes you to another coast of Van. The ride lasts 3,5 hours, but we recommend you not to waste time sitting with your phone, you should definitely take a cup of coffee and watch beautiful views of the lake. Besides, it is as you remember the ferry is the last option to exchange Turkish liras, euros or dollars to Iranian rials.

Iran TrainVan - Tehran

Iranian train is very similar to the Turkish one. It implies that there is a dining car and shared restrooms at the back of the wagons. Also, each compartment is fitted for 4 people. While you are sleeping, the train passes the following cities Razi, Salmas, and Tabriz. Urmia lake is known for its size as it is the biggest lake located near Tabriz. Very soon at 23:20, you will reach the destination of your journey – the city of Tehran.

Izmir Tehran Train Map

Izmir Tehran Train Photos