Tabriz Van Train Ticket

  • Adult: 40€
  • Child (2-12): 25€
  • Infant (0-2): 5€
  • Transasia Express

Tabriz to Van by Train

Transasia Express is not running since 2019 due to Covid. Please send us an e-mail to get in to our contact list so we can update you whenever the journey re-starts.

Tabriz Van train is running twice a week. Tabriz belongs to the top 3 most visited cities in Iran and is famous for being an extremely cultural destination. It is obvious why so many travelers start their acquaintance with Iran from there. Luckily, Tabriz is linked with Turkey via train lines and becomes available for more tourists. Therefore, you too can make your trip more colorful and interesting. The Transasia Express that officially operates from Tehran and Ankara and backward, makes stops in other cities to offer more travel possibilities.

Tabriz – Van train journey which is carried out within this unique route aims at taking you in the atmosphere of serenity. Van itself is a beautiful town based on the largest lake in Turkey with the same name. There you can enjoy the pure beauty of nature and adore picturesque scenarios. After reaching Van, don’t miss an opportunity to take a boat ride on Van lake and visit Akdamar island where an ancient Armenian church is located.

The Tabriz – Van train day trip takes nearly 9 hours. The train departs from Tabriz at 11:00 every Thursday and arrives in Van at 20:00 on the same day. You will see wonderful views and meet a lot of experienced travelers and spontaneous backpackers onboard. Hold breath and jump in the genuine culture of the Middle East with us. Moreover, with an increasing number of opportunists, a ride on the other train that departs on Monday night is also available. Keep reading to learn what it feels like traveling on the Transasia Express and check the timetable for this and other routes as well.


Monday – 02:00

Thursday – 11:00

Tabriz Railway Station (Google Map)


Monday Train Arrives Same Day at 11:00

Thursday Train Arrives Same Day at 20:00

Van Railway Station (Google Map)

Price Includes

  • Tabriz - Van Train Tickets
  • Sheet, Blanket, and Pillow
  • All Taxes

Price Excludes

  • Any Private Expenses
  • Food & Drinks

What to Expect

Tabriz Van train provides you with a sense of safety and calmness. You shouldn’t think of anything else except for arriving on a platform in time. Once you step on board, you are in good hands. 

Regarding your future experience, you are going to travel from Tabriz to Van in a highly comfortable train that belongs to the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI). Superior staff will be welcoming you on board and will always be ready to help you. Each compartment includes 4 sleeping seats. Even though if you take the midday trip, you can still convert your seat in a bed and have a nap on your way. However, we would recommend you watching a window as every view is full of charm.

Just after departing from Tabriz, the first that will really catch your eye is going to be Urmia lake. Prepare your camera and take a few shots. Its waters change the color from green to red depending on a season. Interesting what color of Urmia will be visible to you when you will be traveling.

Dining Car

In case you get hungry, you can try a world-class cuisine in a dining car on board. A regionally inspired menu offers you traditional Persian dishes. After a bite, you will still feel like being in Iran but maybe you will already cross the border with Turkey.

After completing more than half of your way, the train will make a stop in Kapıköy border gate. There all passengers will be requested to leave the train in order to pass passport control. It can last 1-2 hours but basically, the time varies because of a number of travelers. The Transasia Express can easily fit from 300 to 500 passengers and most people travel further than Van. Finally, you will get to Van at the same day and can continue your trip on your own.

  • Transasia express cars are 4 person couchette compartments
  • At the night time seats in the compartments are transformed into beds
  • Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided by the staff
  • This train journey offers amazing sceneries

Don't Forget

Transasia is a unique route that is preferred by an enormous number of travelers who whenever plans a train trip within Turkey and Iran. Tabriz is a great start for any journey as it draws competitive advantages from its location. It takes a couple of hours from here to get to Tehran and the Turkish border. Moreover, onboard you will be in charge of your personal entertainment, you can either have a nap, read a book, or start a conversation with other passengers. Besides, wonderful scenarios will chase you in all your way. Be ready to experience an exciting trip and get new memories. You can simply feel at ease as the train crew will always be in hand if you need it.

Tips & Advices

You will be traveling in a 4-berth compartment with other travelers. Onboard there are shared toilets at the end of each wagon. Moreover, you can find a dining car and have a meal on way. Remember that on this train you will able to pay only in Iranian currency, rials. As well as in Iran you will not be able to use, the same is on board of the Transasia Express. You are going to save some rials for your way. However, you are also allowed to bring your own food on board. Make sure that it doesn’t have a strong odor so your compartment fellows could be comfortable.

It is important to mention that there are no WI-FI spots and sockets on the train, so a portable charger and own mobile data will come in hand. Every journey needs some preparation and this one is not an exception. Please check if you require a visa for traveling to Iran and Turkey and obtain one to make your trip smooth and unforgettable.

  • At the night time women and man are segregated unless you book all 4 seats in the compartment
  • Transasia express have dining car serving both traditional and global cousine
  • You are able to bring snacks & drinks to the train
  • Consuming alcohol is prohibitted in the train
  • Smoking is prohibitted in the train

There is gender segregation at the sleeping time in Transasia Express. You can avoid it by booking for 4 people and you can have a private compartment for yourself.

Tabriz Van Train Timetable

Monday DepartureTabriz - Van

The Tabriz – Van train departs from Tabriz every Monday at 02:00 and arrives at the destination at 11:00 on Monday as well. An extremely comfortable and quick ride is waiting for you. Amazing views, authentic villages, and untouched nature will make your experience memorable.

Thursday DepartureTabriz - Van

The Transasia Express departs from Tabriz every Thursday at 11:00 and arrives in Van at 20:00 on Thursday too. Don’t miss a chance to plunge into beautiful Iran and Turkey. If you seek spectacular and desolate sceneries, epic short-distance trips are what you need.

Tabriz Van Train Map

Tabriz Van Train Photos